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As an artist obsessed with words and writing, as well as seeking to discover things which make the mind crackle, it seemed only natural to start scribing her findings into traditional words too. They can be found inside the pages of art and culture publications and journals. A selection of published articles below.

Guardian Culture Professionals – Panel Discussion with Nicola Anthony (Guardian)

guardian debate_10 feb 2012_State of the Arts 2012

A Case for Culture -  100 voices: Nicola Anthony  (Guardian Culture)

Nicola Anthony interviews John Baldessari and Meg Cranston (Trebuchet Magazine)

A Case for Culture (Trebuchet Magazine)

What is silence, is it more solid than a stone? (Fabelist Journal, issue 3) 

Princely Treasures from the House of Liechtenstein, National Museum, Singapore (Artitute Magazine, Singapore)

An interview with leading force in the international art world: Lorenzo Rudolf (Artitute Magazine)

Behind the scenes with international gallerist and art historian Sundaram Tagore (Artitute Magazine)

Sundaram Tagore: The sonic universe of Taylor Kuffner (Artitute Magazine)

The Challenge: Gaze at a Mariko Mori for one hour - Royal Academy (Trebuchet Magazine)

Art Inside view: Lorenzo Rudolf’s Art Stage Singapore through an artist’s eyes (Artitute Magazine)

Looking For The God Particle: Exhibition review of Saskia Pintelon (Artitute Journal, Singapore)

A Shift: London to Singapore (Fabelist Journal, issue 2)

A perfect synthesis of Art and Mathematics: Bernar Venet in Singapore 

A video overview of Art in SE Asia: Singapore's Affordable Art (Trebuchet Magazine)

Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal (Trebuchet Magazine)

Invisible in London: Understanding Invisible Art (Trebuchet Magazine)

Korean Eye 2012: Saatchi Gallery (Trebuchet Magazine) 

Ernesto Neto: Spaces of Transformation, Edges of the World (Trebuchet Magazine)

Artists: What Are We Worth? – a critical Dialogue (JOTTA)

The science of art & the art of science (Trebuchet Magazine)

London In The OC: London Calling (Zeitgeist)

Gunfire in the studio: Shooting film, photons & 12-bores (Trebuchet)

Morocco; Marrakech Express - photo essay (Trebuchet Magazine)

Polymath: The science of art & the art of science (FAD – Fast Art News)

Art Review: Pandamonium at Signal Gallery (Trebuchet Magazine)

Yayoi Kusama: An Explosion of Stickers  (Trebuchet Magazine)

Transition Gallery’s ‘First Thursdays’ – Interview with Cathy Lomax (Trebuchet Magazine)

Seduced by art: From art virgin to art collector  (Trebuchet Magazine)

Looking East And West - Interview With Samir Ceric (Zeitgeist)

Photo Essay – Judith Scott at Museum of Everything (Trebuchet Magazine)

Art, Money and Shredded Credit Cards at Frieze 2011 (Trebuchet Magazine)

From Shiny Things to Silliness – Frieze Overview (Trebuchet Magazine)

Creative Journey: How to Curate Abroad (Trebuchet Magazine)

Bending Frames: The Sculpture of Henry Moore at Hatfield (Trebuchet Magazine)

‘Dear Curator’: Exhibition Do’s and Don’ts with Sara Raza (Trebuchet) 

David Copperfield, by Nicola Anthony