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Guardian Culture Professionals – Panel Discussion with Nicola Anthony (Guardian)

guardian debate_10 feb 2012_State of the Arts 2012

A Case for Culture -  100 voices: Nicola Anthony  (Guardian Culture)

Nicola Anthony interviews John Baldessari and Meg Cranston (Trebuchet Magazine)

A Case for Culture (Trebuchet Magazine)

What is silence, is it more solid than a stone? (Fabelist Journal, issue 3) 

Princely Treasures from the House of Liechtenstein, National Museum, Singapore (Artitute Magazine, Singapore)

An interview with leading force in the international art world: Lorenzo Rudolf (Artitute Magazine)

Behind the scenes with international gallerist and art historian Sundaram Tagore (Artitute Magazine)

Sundaram Tagore: The sonic universe of Taylor Kuffner (Artitute Magazine)

The Challenge: Gaze at a Mariko Mori for one hour - Royal Academy (Trebuchet Magazine)

Art Inside view: Lorenzo Rudolf’s Art Stage Singapore through an artist’s eyes (Artitute Magazine)

Looking For The God Particle: Exhibition review of Saskia Pintelon (Artitute Journal, Singapore)

A Shift: London to Singapore (Fabelist Journal, issue 2)

A perfect synthesis of Art and Mathematics: Bernar Venet in Singapore 

A video overview of Art in SE Asia: Singapore's Affordable Art (Trebuchet Magazine)

Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal (Trebuchet Magazine)

Invisible in London: Understanding Invisible Art (Trebuchet Magazine)

Korean Eye 2012: Saatchi Gallery (Trebuchet Magazine) 

Ernesto Neto: Spaces of Transformation, Edges of the World (Trebuchet Magazine)

Artists: What Are We Worth? – a critical Dialogue (JOTTA)

The science of art & the art of science (Trebuchet Magazine)

London In The OC: London Calling (Zeitgeist)

Gunfire in the studio: Shooting film, photons & 12-bores (Trebuchet)

Morocco; Marrakech Express - photo essay (Trebuchet Magazine)

Polymath: The science of art & the art of science (FAD – Fast Art News)

Art Review: Pandamonium at Signal Gallery (Trebuchet Magazine)

Yayoi Kusama: An Explosion of Stickers  (Trebuchet Magazine)

Transition Gallery’s ‘First Thursdays’ – Interview with Cathy Lomax (Trebuchet Magazine)

Seduced by art: From art virgin to art collector  (Trebuchet Magazine)

Looking East And West - Interview With Samir Ceric (Zeitgeist)

Photo Essay – Judith Scott at Museum of Everything (Trebuchet Magazine)

Art, Money and Shredded Credit Cards at Frieze 2011 (Trebuchet Magazine)

From Shiny Things to Silliness – Frieze Overview (Trebuchet Magazine)

Creative Journey: How to Curate Abroad (Trebuchet Magazine)

Bending Frames: The Sculpture of Henry Moore at Hatfield (Trebuchet Magazine)

‘Dear Curator’: Exhibition Do’s and Don’ts with Sara Raza (Trebuchet) 

David Copperfield, by Nicola Anthony