• Constellation Series

    Constellation Series

    Starting at the point of ‘home’, the artist began a process of mapping words in an outward patchwork journey. The use of thread and woven circles in Nicola’s body of work often symbolizes the connection and disconnection between words, concepts, places or people. Using a process borrowed from the creation of a mandala, Nicola began with one central dot. As the map widens, it becomes more abstract and meanders further from the start point: in some places becoming chaotic and indecipherable, even morphing into different languages (Tamil, Malay Bahasa and Mandarin), in others becoming more geometric in the tessellation of words.
  • The Catchers

    The Catchers

    Based on the traditional Native American Dream Catchers. Infusing elements of everyday life each Catcher encompasses a range of cross cultural references to colours and meanings, which are inheritably linked to place, history, religion and traditional crafts. Traditionally, dream catchers catch any bad thoughts, dreams or spirits before they can enter the mind, soul or body. Each piece uses threads, materials and colours that are personal to the commissioner or owner of the artwork.
  • Mandalas & circles

    Mandalas & circles

    Current work is based on organic, cellular, and circular shapes and fragments - such as those of seeds, streams, cells, nests, galaxies and mineral clusters.
  • Pass It On

    Pass It On

    Pass It On is an artwork which seeks to create a narrative from one space to the next, and beyond. There is a sense of connection and disconnection between the seeds and floor text, between each individual seed, as well as between the people who pick them up. This is played out through three acts: The artist numbering each seed by hand, the covering of the text with seeds in the installation, and subsequently the audience members eroding the seed layer to reveal text underneath. The resulting sculpture comprises more than 8000 saga seeds.
  • Text Drawings

    Text Drawings

    Instead of pencil lines these drawings use sentences. It is the only type of line that forces the viewer to look from left to right.
  • The Dissected Money series

    The Dissected Money series 

    A new body of collaged drawings using dollar bills & other currency. "My purpose has been to fragment and re-shuffle, bringing to attention something we see every day but rarely notice, and reordering the words and phrases to recreate my own sentences."
  • Word sculptures

    Word sculptures

    Sculptural pieces constructed through the building up or cutting away of words and sentences.
  • Rubik's - a series of transparent sculptures

    Rubik's - a series of transparent sculptures

    This new series of sculptures made its debut at the Serpentine Gallery’s Centre for Possible studies. It Re-imagines the 2D calendar form in a shimmering exploration of time, chaos and order.
  • Box Sculptures & Word Capsules
  • The Word Collection Project

    The Word Collection Project

    An ongoing participatory text artwork and performance: The words & stories which form the basis of the artworks are collected by gathering stories & secrets from online and offline audiences, both during events and through this  website - giving people the chance to make themselves the subject.
  • Drawings


    Nicola Anthony makes drawings built up of small components, usually words & dates. Unusual mark making tools or shapes are employed - an old fashioned library book stamp, a handwriting quill, many tiny drawings of cells...